Baking Ingredients


Ice Cream & Desserts for 30 guests

Micro-Herm: £3.50 per pudding

Drop off service - Pre order your guest's ice cream and dessert and have them delivered to your event at your chosen time.

Micro-Sark: £3.50 per pudding + £200

Staffed Bar Hire - Pre order your menu and enjoy a service which is fully staffed from our classic bespoke bars. Plus a personalised menu board.

Micro-Alderney: £5.00 per pudding + £250

Enjoy the luxury of plated desserts and table service as well as everything included in Micro-Sark.

More Hire Options

Create your own dessert station

Bar Hire - £125 per day

Fridge Hire - £50 per day

Freezer Hire - £50 per day

Garnish Jars - £10 each

(e.g. Honeycomb / Popcorn etc)

Gourmet Chocolate Dessert